Seeking Samiel

Seeking Samiel by Catherine Jordan


Ever desire something bad enough to do anything to get it?

Some people chase desire wherever it leads.  Warnings won’t help.  Not even if you tattoo them on the forehead, or write them in a golden book and call it The Bible’s Book of Wisdom.  They’ll still follow that disaster wherever it goes. So it goes with Jeffrey Thurmont, a man on the cusp of losing it all, and he’ll do anything, including a deal with Eva van Hollinsworth, the anti-Christ who has made South Africa her home.

Eva is the Lamia—half woman, half serpent; a demon in human form.  Created before Eve, she was Adam’s first wife, whom she deserted to become the serpent’s lover. Her goal isn’t world-domination, but rather self-continuation.  She is immortal only through reincarnation, and she seduces Jeffrey as her means to live.The year is 1999 and she poses as a parapsychologist, residing within her South African mansion that lives and breathes, guarding her and her fiends.  Wealthy and politically connected, she has written a book, one that takes possession of all readers.  The book comes with seeds and invocations that turn calm winds into storms, metals into gold, and enemies into lovers.  Eva seduces Jeffrey, a young solicitor.  In Jeffrey, Eva sees her ancient lover, Samiel—the devil reincarnate, and good DNA.  No more genetic flaws can come into her ancient bloodline already contaminated with cancer.

Throughout the story, Jeffrey sees more than his mind can handle.  He falls into denial, compromising with his inner “voice” while wondering who and what he is really dealing with.

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ISBN-13: 9781620060865

Publisher: Sunbury Press, Inc.

Publication date: 7/27/2012

Pages: 284

Product dimensions: 5.50 (w) x 8.50 (h) x 0.60 (d)

Format: softcover – perfect binding.

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