The Green Eyed Monster excerpt

Tina sauntered up the plank, drinking in the spring sun, and I knew my eyes turned even greener with envy as I compared my large waist with her bikini clad, Barbie-sized one. Really? Who the hell wears a bikini in March—in New York? And was that…? Yes, and I decided to keep my mouth shut about it. Maybe no one else would notice. A twinge of guilt hit me; a good friend would speak up right away. And we were good friends, despite my feelings, my insecurities.
I hadn’t seen my friend Tina in over ten years. Like husbands and wives that had been together over many happy years, I often noticed that it was the same with friends. Some looked so much alike that they were often asked if they were sisters. Tina and I never got asked that question—other than us both having green eyes, we looked nothing alike. My fingers slid from the patch I’d been fingering to the short, tight, unkempt curls sprouting from my scalp like Medusa’s snakes. Her long blond hair hung from her scalp like waves of silk. She smiled at me. Didn’t look like she had changed much and I began to wonder why I had agreed to go on this trip.