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About me








 People often ask me where I get the ideas for my writing.  How does a mother of five get such messed up ideas into her head?  I’ll tell you how–my creativity is sparked when the kids come home from school to find we’re all out of chips and chocolate; they get fierce, angry.  All hell breaks loose.  Kidding, kind of… 



I write horror, weird, quirky, funny, and whatever else I’m in the mood to put to paper. I also edit, critique, and facilitate writer’s workshops.

As a Catholic school kid, I was always fascinated by the supernatural. As a religious educator, I see the curiosity in student’s faces whenever we bring up Satan or hell.  Evil is supposed to be something we shy away from, but instead, has become alluring. Why? That’s the question I tackle in my writing. 



I enjoy different genres and lean toward thought provoking, consequential stories.  I’m not a fan of “gorror” but do love a good thrill, a tingle that goes from the base of my skull down the center of my back. The real scary part is that my novels are inspired by true events.