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Seeking Samiel



The devil was cast from heaven, and landed on the African continent.

This novel is getting a reboot, an update, a new edit. Same premise, different POV. New cover and title. I love change! Look for it late 2020

When night falls on South Africa, the anti-Christ rises as the seductive, beautiful, wealthy Eva van Hollinsworth, who resides in a living, breathing home. She is immortalized through reincarnation with the elusiveness of a ghost, hunger of a vampire, heart of a monster, but the reputation of a respectable author and parapsychologist. She is seeking Samiel—Satan—awaiting his final order while she ripens the world for conquest.

Jeffrey Thurmont, a lonely, young solicitor, teeters on the edge of total loss. Jeffrey attends a party to rub elbows with an influential client, named Eva. He becomes aware of sinister forces—her servants, guests, and even her living, breathing house—seducing him, inviting him to become an integral part of the final conquest.

The Book Seller's Secret



Some secrets are meant to be shared; this magik book is one of them, and it will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Mason Barry is an American reporter who has risked his life writing and whistle-blowing. His last venture ended with his friend and photographer murdered, and a bounty on his head. Regardless, he dives into the deep web, searching for his next great story.

He catches a blurb about the anti-Christ, a woman alive and well, living in South Africa. Supposedly, she has written a magic book. Readers claimed the author’s words not only opened doors to the supernatural, but also compelled them to murder and suicide.

Mason heads to Llandudno, a wealthy suburb of Cape Town, to find the book, meet the author, and expose whatever truths he might find. He meets more than a few sketchy characters along the way, and becomes lost in a world he never knew existed.

Book 3, in progress


The story continues...

This one's set in New York. William McPhee has made his way back to the States, and he brought something home with him to his family. He's a different man, changed by what he saw and did while living in South Africa. And his daughter Emily knows what it is.

The Blue, the gray and the red, A Novella, edited by catherine Jordan

5 chapters by 5 different authors
Sisters must manage the homestead during the Civil War. Set in Per

5 chapters by 5 different authors. 

Sisters must manage the homestead during the Civil War. Set in Perry County, PA


  • Introduction by Catherine Jordan
  • Unwelcome Visitor by Carrie Jacobs
  • No Escape by Angela Binner
  • Stuck In-between by Cindy Simmons
  • The Homecoming by Sandra M. Bush
  • Remembrance and Regret by Brenda Tadych