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Strange Magic, edited by Catherine Jordan


Included in this volume: The Candy Factory

A young boy visits a candy factory designed to weed out bad seeds.

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Bitter Sweet, edited by catherine jordan


Included in this volume: Hibakusha

A survivor of the Hiroshima bombing learns how to embrace his new life.

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Undead Living, edited by Thomas Malafarina


This compilation of short stories focuses on the undead in contemporary settings.

Included in this volume: The Supreme Race

Zombies are the Supreme Race and they are out to change the world.

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Crossing Lines, edited by Rayne Debski


Physical, cultural, emotional: the stories, poems, and essays in this collection cross almost every line imaginable.

Included in this volume: Panty Lines

A woman’s husband crosses the line with his infidelity.

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A Community of Writers, edited by ann elia stewart


Included in this volume: The Green Eyed Monster

A jealous friend turns into a monster frenemy.

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Cloud Eleven

Global dimming

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The ozone hole has steadily grown in size. An atmospheric shift causes a cloud to merge with Earth’s orbit, shielding Earth from the sun. 

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Upcoming!! YA horror anthology edited by Jonathan Maberry


A new anthology in 2020 for Young Adults, in time for Halloween...

New Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark!  Included in this volume: The Hachishakusama